2015 WRX Rev Hang


For 2015, Subaru introduced a completely overhauled WRX!  There are some awesome new changes, like direct injection,  and other changes many aren’t too thrilled about.  Subaru’s new “Rev Hang” logic seems to top the list of complaints.  Luckily though, COBB is hard at work coming up with a solution!

What is Rev Hang?

Typically, when you are in gear and revving high into the RPM range, pressing in the clutch would result in the RPMs quickly falling.  With Rev Hang, the RPM stays constant for a bit and slowly falls.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  However, many car enthusiasts are purists and feel the only inputs the car should be considering, especially when it comes to throttle, come only from the driver.  We tend to agree!

Here’s a quick video of the Rev Hang “Fix” in action:


This does look subtle on video but if you own or have driven a 2015 WRX, you know how big a difference this will make!  Check out the latest v111 maps to try out the fix: https://cobb.app.box.com/2015-wrx-v111.  Stay tuned to our Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, and Blog for the latest!

Joel on January 21, 2015 says:

Will this revised map table fix the throttle mapping as well? In stock form, the factory tune is very difficult to drive smoothly. I remember my 2013 wrx was the same way in stock form. Once flashed to Stage 1 from Torqued Performance, it was completely fixed.

    Kyle Flowers
    Kyle Flowers on January 22, 2015 says:

    The COBB off the shelf map will adjust several parameters to make power delivery smoother. This will enhance driveability similarly to your 2013.