2015 WRX Tuning Results : 344 WTQ / 313 WHP

We have enjoyed seeing all of the 2015 WRX custom tune results being posted around the ‘net and decided to jump in with our own after a bit of playing around with our car on the Austin R&D dyno today. While this combo of parts isn’t likely to be an pre-configured OTS “StageX” package that is available from us, we try to do as much hard parts testing as we can to make sure we have a good understanding of the cars. It’s important for us to have knowledge over how the car will react to common aftermarket upgrades. No records or anything crazy but this thing is definitely one quick WRX now!

We bolted up all of the airflow mods we have on-hand for the car and decided to see what she could do. A bit more time to continue refining the tune would have likely yielded even larger results, but I quickly “chickened out” after realizing how close we were to 350 wtq.  It is likely that the connecting rods will prove to be the long-term weak spot for modified FA20DIT cars, so we decided to call it an afternoon with our engine still intact for now.

Engine/Power Modifications on our 2015 WRX consist of the following: COBB Tuning Accessport V3, COBB Tuning Turboback Exhaust, COBB Tuning SF Intake/Airbox, and a COBB Tuning Front Mount Intercooler Kit, and a COBB Tuning 3-Port EBCS.

**5/8/2020 – Updated Dyno Chart***



Results vs stock vehicle: +77 wtq (28.8%) , +62 whp (24.6%) 

At this point this car is now making a tad more torque and horsepower than a Stage2+Intake 2015 STI on the very same dyno — very impressive for a 2.0L with the diminutive factory turbo. We are slowly beginning to really like these cars now as the uncorking process continues.

Long term, this testing helped us identify some other areas of the factory ECU where we should focus our future reverse engineering (table/logic discovery) in order to provide the precise control and ease of tunability that the COBB Protuner network demands, even as the power numbers get crazier and crazier as new mods become available over time. We can’t wait to keep pushing this platform and seeing what kind of amazing results you guys achieve over time!

Thank you for your support during the DIT craze!


The COBB Subaru Expert Group

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  1. Awesome work guys! Completely happy with my OTS maps, although arguable to some, it’s transformed the vehicle. Can’t wait to go stage 2 as well and protune!

    • Hey Daniel, unfortunately I’m not sure what the wheel and suspension specs are as the picture was submitted by one of our contributing photographers.


  2. Nice results! But when I click the link for the Turboback exhaust, it brings me to a password protected page that I’m not allowed to view.

  3. Nice. Can’t wait for the exhaust & OTS map. Any idea what you guys are putting down with just a tune & catted turboback?
    Also, what are the plans for the intake in the future & how far away are you guys from releasing it?
    Turbo back sounds nice btw

    • Hey Nick, our Stage 1+TBE map is making 282whp/319wtq on this same dyno. We are still investigating an intake and airbox system for the car and are hoping to have that available early next year!


  4. Will you be selling a catted downpipe allowing us to connect to the factory option SPT exhaust or will Cobb only offer a full turbo-back setup?

    Owner, RightFootDown.com

    • Yes, The COBB J-pipe will include an adapter plate that allows it to be used with any catback exhaust utilizing the factory spring bolts and donut gasket.


  5. Marshall, very nice. I believe that power/torque will be coming earlier on in the curve. Is this going to positively or negativity affect highway mpgs?

    • Yes and no. Our calculated correction factor has been around 1.0 with the weather we’ve had recently. The most important number to pay attention to is the delta, as that holds true with our without a correction.


  6. Any Factors that should be considered when deciding on a purchase between the j-pipe & Turbo back? is the gains in power significantly more? do we loose any weight? Or is this similar to a cold-air & provides a non-restrictive great sounding option to the car?

    • Power differences should be negligible with an aftermarket catback exhaust. There would not be any tuning changes associated with the addition of a catback.


  7. I am ready to buy the j-pipe but theres no maps available for it like it says on your website. Im confused. Where is the map for just a j-pipe + accessport ? I have people on the forms asking the same questions. Thanks

    • CVT WRX support is the next large release for our Subaru group. We do not have an exact release date set quite yet however we are hopeful to have it available very shortly!


  8. Will any of the above mentioned upgrades perform well without adding a flash from AP? For example if I want install tbe and/or tvg will the wrx still run good without tune?


    • Jim, most modifications to these cars will require tuning. The only part that really does not require additional tuning would be a catback exhaust. As you replace any of the other mentioned parts, the amount of air flowing into/out of the engine is changed (increased) and must be accounted for with tuning.


  9. Any information or details specifically around the gains seen with the addition of the TGV deletes? I’m wondering if they are a worthy addition to the other mentioned modifications.

    • Hey Trent, we did not perform any before/after testing with the TGV Deletes specifically so I cannot comment on their individual gains. As a whole, this combination of parts produced impressive gains however a stock vehicle.


  10. Curious if you also upgraded the injectors and fuel pump or can the stock injectors supply enough fuel at these levels? Thanks.

    • In order to reach these power levels you’re looking at really freeing up the intake and exhaust paths. A higher octane fuel will certainly help as well!


  11. Is Cobb going planning to do a j-pipe for the wrx cvt version anytime soon? Or even an OTS map for a j-pipe for the cvt version?

    • Our car has been holding up without issue (knock on wood). I think as people increase torque significantly with E85 and larger turbos we’ll likely start to see more failures.


  12. Any word on when Launch Control will be available?! Eagerly waiting for it! Also any update on a CIA?

    • Both projects are at the top of the Subaru Expert Group’s priority list. I would expect to see Launch Control available around the end of this month with the intake following closely behind.


  13. Hi man. so I have flashed stage1 93 tbe mishimoto cai currently and I’m really hoping there is a map developed to add the tgvd. If not can it run without tuning or do I have to get a protune.

    • Hey James, that’s likely not something we will offer an OTS map for. The TGV deletes will require custom tuning from a Protuner.


  14. Hey Marshall, thanks for all the support. Rumor has it…Subaru has included a flash counter in the 2015+ WRX ECU’s. Is this something Cobb can confirm?

  15. Does the COBB AP have any effect on gas mileage for the 2015 Subaru WRX? Also, does it have to be plugged into the vehicle to function or can it be removed once installed?

    • Hey Austin, most users tend to report a small decrease in MPG simply because they’re enjoying the new found power. Having taken our shop 2015 WRX on a few road trips, I can tell you that overall mileage is not affected, and if anything improved a touch. Once the Accessport is installed to your ECU, it does not have to remain connected. Many customers do utilize it for datalogging or live monitoring, but it is not necessary for the unit to be plugged in for normal driving.


  16. Any guess as to what kind of quarter mile a 2015 Wrx with this power would run? My 09 with 265 whp on a mustang dyno went 12.4. Think 11’s are possible with new car?

  17. Hi guys, Just checking in again to see when the Cobb CAI solution will be available for the 2015 WRX, I know back in early March you said an ETA would be available soon. Patiently waiting! 🙂 Any new updates? Been several months now since the last comments on this solution.


    • Hey Kent, unfortunately we still do not have an ETA for our 2015 WRX intake kit. In the meantime, we do offer OTS quality maps for the Mishimoto and ETS intake kits.


      • Hi Marshall, I’m not finding the OTS maps for either the Mishimoto or ETS intake kits. Under maps for 2015
        WRX anyway. Are they on another site?

        Thanks and keep up the good work

  18. I just picked up a 15 WRX 6MT just under 2 mths ago. I have some tings I would like to do to it, trying to get an idea on what type of output I will end up with. Interested with Cobb AP, TGV Deletes and J-Pipe w tune. To start will be Cobb AP, once I ad the other parts is there a tune I can move to above that which is supplied by the Cobb AP purchase? I am reading guys so bare with me as I learn about the add ons. I am in Canada and planning to run 91 octane. Appreciate the feedback.

  19. I spoke to a gentleman a day or two ago in reference to an upgrade path. After reading this entire page, I’m curious as to when we’ll see the intake.

    There are several comments about “a month or two” and “soon”, but still no dice. Do you have a slightly more firm time frame? I’m going to hold out for that kit or just go a different direction entirely.

    • We did have some issues with finalizing the design. Luckily, we’ve signed off on the final design and it has been in production for a few weeks now! Hoping to release the intake and associated OTS maps in the next couple of weeks!


  20. Someone last asked in March how the engine internals and rods are holding up. Can you provide an update with this setup and how many miles have been driven like this? I plan on doing all of these mods with the exception of the TGV deletes and I don’t want to have to build the block.

    • Hello,

      The car currently has about 8k and is still as strong as ever. We actually took it to the track last week for a company outing and drove it very hard for about 20 minutes at a time on about 10 different occasions. The car performed really well with no issues.


    • We actually got the picture up top from one of our photographers so I’m not sure what wheels are on it.


  21. i had the stage1 ots map and it felt great ! but now i have a mishimoto intake and the stage 1+ and it sounds great but it honestly feels slower? any suggestions ? did it download wrong , or somthing ? i dont know but i expected a more noticable power gain

    • Hey Garrett, there will not be any significant power gains between a normal Stage1 and a Stage1+Intake calibration. The map files are essentially exactly the same aside from the scaling required to safely run the intake. Is it possible you may have an air leak? Have you data logged the car to see if it’s running rich (or lean)?


  22. I purchased the 2016 WRX MT 3 months ago and attended the Subaru WBM in Connecticut last weekend. While there I purchased an Accessport. Loaded the OST Stage 1 93 octane map and the car feels great. Much better drive-ability and linear power and torque. Do you have dyno results for stock VS Stage 1 93 octane?

  23. do you know the power/torque (wheel or flywheel) capability of the stock connecting rods on the 2015+ WRX?

    • Hey Mauricio,

      We generally would not recommend relying on the factory connecting rods at power levels beyond 350wtq. Some have been able to successfully surpass that level by easing into torque instead of chasing after a very high torque spike at low RPMs.


    • Hey Mauricio, the cat-back section of the exhaust is actually about 9 lbs heavier than stock (41 lbs vs 50 lbs). Unfortunately, I do not have a factory j-pipe on hand to weigh.


  24. Curious if you have the whp and torque numbers yet for the 2017 to run reliably? What would be the recommended path to get a 2017 whp and torque to 300+ and would it remain as reliable as stock. The car would get no track duty. Just street use and a daily driver.


    • You can reliably make 300hp/300tq with minimal modifications on a 2015+ WRX. Most cars will make that power level with a simple Stage 2 setup consisting of an upgraded intake, Turboback exhaust, and a tune.


  25. Hey just wondering if you can make ots map for 2015 wrx v1 like this for ADM? Mods i have
    -mishimoto performance intake
    -process west verticooler
    -catless invidia jpipe(downpipe) restrictor pill removed
    -unknown performance catback v3 exhaust 3inch
    -gfb mach 2 BPV
    -boost controller solenoid by perrin
    -tgv/egr deletes
    -cobb accessport
    On BP98 pump gas
    Australian tuners limit the power to only 270+ whp with this setup but i know this setup can go over 300+
    Can pay for etune from you guys if you can make my car go over 310whp
    Note: located in australia (2015+ WRX V1 FA20DIT ADM)

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