2017 WRX Accessport & OTS Maps Now Available!


The COBB Accessport and Accesstuner software are now compatible with the 2017 Subaru WRX.  Owners can now enjoy all of the parts and features they’ve come to expect from COBB Tuning including the Accessport, Stage Power Packages, and Off The Shelf Maps.

Accessport Firmware Updates

All SUB-004 Accessports with firmware version or greater are now compatible with the 2017 WRX(6MT and CVT).  Customers who already have an Accessport can utilize Accessport Manager to update their firmware.

New Supported Vehicles:
  • 2017 USDM WRX CVT
  • 2017 USDM WRX 6MT

Firmware will include the same Off The Shelf (OTS) Maps that are available for the 2015 and 2016 WRX.

2017 WRX CVT OTS Maps:
  • Stage1 91 HWG
  • Stage1 91
  • Stage1 93 HWG
  • Stage1 93
  • Stage1 Economy Mode
  • Stage1 Valet Mode
  • Stage1+BigSF 91 HWG
  • Stage1+BigSF 91
  • Stage1+BigSF 93 HWG
  • Stage1+BigSF 93
  • Stage1+BigSF Economy Mode
  • Stage1+BigSF Valet Mode
2017 WRX 6MT OTS Maps:
  • Anti-Theft Mode
  • Stage0
  • Stage1 91
  • Stage1 91 HWG
  • Stage1 93
  • Stage1 93 HWG
  • Stage1 Economy Mode
  • Stage1 Valet Mode
  • Stage1+BigSF 91
  • Stage1+BigSF 91 HWG
  • Stage1+BigSF 93
  • Stage1+BigSF 93 HWG
  • Stage1+BigSF Economy Mode
  • Stage1+BigSF Valet Mode
  • Stage2 91
  • Stage2 91 HWG
  • Stage2 93
  • Stage2 93 HWG
  • Stage2 Economy Mode
  • Stage2 Valet Mode
  • Stage2+BigSF 91 HWG
  • Stage2+BigSF 91
  • Stage2+BigSF 93 HWG
  • Stage2+BigSF 93
  • Stage2+BigSF Economy Mode
  • Stage2+BigSF Valet Mode
Dynamometer Feature

The dynamometer feature is removed with this firmware update.  While the concept of this feature is appealing, unfortunately it often creates confusion and can be cumbersome to operate.

Data Log Presets

The Data Log Preset feature on the Accessport allows a user to save the currently selected list of data logging monitors so that they can be quickly loaded again in the future. This feature also integrates with Accessport Manager to allow sharing of Datalog Preset files to aid in remote diagnostics as well as customizing the Data Log Preset file’s details.  For more information on configuring Data Log Presets, please CLICK HERE.

Accesstuner Pro Updates –

New features for Subaru Accesstuner Pro are added vehicle support, Table Filter, Map Compare, and multiple workflow improvements.

New Vehicle Support


2017 WRX CVT and 6MT vehicles are now fully supported by COBB Accesstuner Pro.

Table Filter Feature


Users can now utilize the Table Filter feature to narrow down the list of tables.  By entering a search term in the Table Filter box, the table list below will automatically parse down to only include tables that include that term.

Map Compare Feature


The Map Compare feature has been updated to allow for cross-vehicle map compare.  For example, users can now compare factory calibration data between from two different model year vehicles whereas before that was limited to matching vehicle types.

Workflow Improvements

Map Load Workflow


Accesstuner will now prompt users when attempting to load a map file that does not match the current definition file.  This prompt will allow users to switch definition files on the fly.  Previously, users would have to manually change ECU types after given the error.  This simply streamlines that process.

Added Beta Updates Option


Beta updates allow users to quickly diagnose any issues they may be having with the software.  The COBB software team may host special builds of software to address issues or test new features.  Please only utilize the Beta versions when suggested by COBB.

Release Notes Prompt


We have added a button to open the Release Notes for each software update right in the Updater prompt.  Users can now read the release notes before updating and decide if the update is necessary before completing the task at hand.

8 responses to “2017 WRX Accessport & OTS Maps Now Available!”

  1. Great to have this available! Thanks you guys for the hard work. Are there any dyno graphs you can post showing stock vs the 91 and 93 stage 1 tunes? Also, is the 93 tune safe to run with 91 octane gas at high altitude? We drive at 5000-13000 feet in the Denver area and nearby mountains.

    • Power gains are going to be similar to 2015-2016 WRX as the cars remain mechanically unchanged. The chart below shows gains from stock to Stage1 93 octane. For 91 octane, subtract about 5% from each.

      [email protected]

  2. Delighted with the Stage-1 93 Octane install. What a difference – the WRX as it was intended. Wow!

    Looking forward to installing the J Pipe next month.

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