2019 USDM MK7.5 GTI Stage3 OTS+Stage Packages and 2018 World Market MK7.5 GTI Support

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We’re working non-stop to produce consistent quality updates for the VW MK7 platform. The latest update offers just that by expanding world market Accessport compatibility to include the WM 2018 MK7.5 GTI.

In addition, we’ve also added Stage 3 OTS Maps, GTI Parts, and Packages for the USDM 2019 MK7.5 GTI!

WM 2018 MK7.5 – New ECU…

Normally adding new year model support for a car within a currently supported platform is just a matter of adding a few ROMs and potentially tweaking a few tables in a tune. In this case, VW decided to make things a little more complicated by introducing an entirely new ECU for the 2018+ world market GTI’s. So it took a little extra time and effort, but we’ve cracked the code and unlocked the extra ponies. The initial release offers Stage1 OTS maps and packages.

2018 World Market Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5 Non-GPF) Manual Transmission

2018 World Market Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5 Non-GPF) DSG Transmission

Stage 1 98 vs. Stock Stage 1 95 vs. Stock 
MK7.5 WM Stage1 98 whie space  MK7.5 WM Stage1 95

Additional OTS map details can be found here in the Map Notes: CLICK HERE

2018 MK7.5 WM GTI Stage Packages
VLK0020010_main whie space VLK002011P_main

What is GPF?

The most recent world market GTIs potentially include some additional emissions-related components. It’s important to identify whether or not your GTI has those extra parts because the Accessport is currently only compatible with the Non-GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) cars. Here are some tips to identify what you own in case you are not sure.

At face value, a GPF and Non-GPF car appear the same from the outside and mostly are the same…you also can’t ID them based on the VIN or any kind of marking. The easiest way to tell is to take a peek under the hood and at the exhaust.

image (5) whie space 20190926_144618 whie space image (3) red circle
This part of the exhaust that looks like a giant catalytic converter contains the GPF. Here is a wider view of the same component. In the engine bay just behind the oil cap you will also find an extra device that is only present on GPF vehicles.

2019 USDM GTI Stage 3 OTS Maps + Packages

What do you get when you take a 2019 MK7.5 GTI and add an upgraded COBB intake, intercooler, and a turbo-back exhaust? You get STAGE3 and more torque than your lederhosen can handle!!!

Additional OTS map details can be found here in the Map Notes: CLICK HERE

Stage 3 93 vs. Stock Stage 3 91 vs. Stock 
stage3 93 whie space  stage3 91

If you already have all the parts you need, all that’s left is to update your Accessport for the latest firmware with Accessport Manager, then flash the Stage 3 map to your car!

If you still need some extra shiny go-fast bits to bump up to the next stage or if you are starting from scratch and just want to skip all the way to Stage 3. Please peruse our parts and packages here: All COBB Volkswagen Parts

Stage 3 Packages – USDM MK7.5 GTI

VLK0025130_main whie space accessport_v3_extra_01

Please Contact Support for additional questions.

Email: [email protected]

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  1. Hey great news I looked through the map notes but I did not see my ECU code 06K907425J for the 245ps DLBA engine. Also is protuning supported and can these ECUs enable MPI.
    Thanks Chris

    • Chris,

      Oops, looks like I never answered your other two questions.
      1. Yes, protuning is available.
      2. MPI – not yet. That and other custom features will be part of future updates but no specific ETA yet.

    • Hey Andres, sorry to hear about that. I went back and found your initial support request, unfortunately you have an ECU/ROM version that we do not currently have the ability to support. I’m going to ask our Customer Service Team to reach out to you so we can discuss options.

      [email protected]

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