All New Ford Focus RS OTS Maps, Parts, and Stage Power Packages


We are extremely pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new Front Mount Intercooler, Downpipe, and Cat-Back Exhaust as well as new improved OTS maps for all stages of the 2016-2018 Focus RS!

2016-2018 Ford Focus RS – New Parts

Ford Front Mount Intercooler Black Focus RS 2016-2018
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  • Large 26″ x 8.6″ x 5″ Core Size
  • Cast Aluminum Endtanks
  • Internal Fin for even air dispersion
    within inlet side endtank
  • Up to 25% Increased Efficiency over Stock
  • 4-ply Black Silicone Couplers

**Also Available with a Silver Core**

 Ford Front Mount Intercooler Kit Black Focus RS 2016-2018
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  • Large 26″ x 8.6″ x 5″ Core Size
  • 2.5″ Mandrel Bent Charge Pipes with
    Wrinkle Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Up to 25% Increased Efficiency over Stock
  • 4-ply Black Silicone Couplers

**Also Available with a Silver Core**

Ford GESi Catted 3″ Downpipe Focus RS 2016-2018
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  • 4.5″ Diameter High Flow GESi Catalytic Converter
  • Slip fit for easy and secure install
  • Flex Joint allows for movement and heat expansion
    without risk of damage or leaks during aggressive driving
  • Compatible with OEM turbo and cat-back or
    COBB 3″ Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust

Ford Cat-back Exhaust Focus RS 2016-2018
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  • High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  •  CNC Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • Dual 4.5″ Polished Tips with COBB Logo
  • OEM Exhaust Valve ready for Plug & Play Install
  • Compatible with Stock or COBB Downpipe

Ford Turboback Exhaust System Focus RS 2016-2018
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  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 4.5″ Diameter High-Flow GESi Catalytic Converter
  • Custom straight through resonator and muffler
    provide the ideal balance of sound and flow
  • Built in Flex Joint allows for typical movement
    while maintaining secure fitment
  • Plug & Play OEM Exhaust Valve Included

Updated 2016-2018 Ford Focus RS Stage Power Packages


The updated Stage 1 Package for the 2016-2018 Focus RS adds our Rear Motor Mount along with the previous offering of the Accessport tuning device and High Flow Filter combo.

The COBB Rear Motor Mount incorporates a unique bushing design engineered to improve traction and remove wheel hop without excessive harshness.



The Stage 1+ Carbon Fiber Power Package for the 2015-2018 Focus RS combines our Accessport tuning device, Rear Motor Mount, and one of a kind Carbon Fiber Intake System.

The addition of our beautiful Carbon Fiber Intake increases induction sound and will make anyone proud to pop their hood.

Use of included Off The Shelf Maps ensures grin-inducing power gains along with additional feature support.



The Stage 2 Power Package produces a big performance jump by incorporating our new Front Mount Intercooler kit to the previous package offerings.

The upgraded COBB Front Mount Intercooler provides significant improvements in cooling efficiency and airflow while maintaining ideal air-pressure characteristics and OEM like fitment.

Included Stage 2 Off The Shelf Maps should be used to take full advantage of the increased airflow.



The stage2+ Power Package is the perfect foundation for those that are looking for a much more aggressive sound while also preparing to take the car even further modification in the future.

        Stage 2+ Off The Shelf Maps should be used for proper engine management with this package installed.


**Important Note** – Due to the significant restriction found in the factory turbine-housing on all stock Focus RS turbo configurations.
There will be no consistent power gains between stage2 and stage2+ maps and parts. Therefore the main focus for purchasing and installing
the Stage2+ Package is for the more improved exhaust note but will also effectively prepare the car to make optimal power for those that
desire to upgrade the factory turbo system.

New and Revised OTS Maps – Ford Focus RS 2016-2018:

The process of testing and designing the new intercooler and exhaust components for the RS provided the perfect opportunity to go back and revise the Stage1 and Stage1+ maps. Also, the implementation of a proprietary sensor kit in our testing procedure has greatly helped our calibration team to understand how the car responds to changes in boost and ignition timing. Our Reverse Engineering team managed to dig a little deeper into the OEM modeling strategies to give us a much better understanding of how to increase performance in ways that still work within the structure that Ford designed the engine management system around from the beginning. In practical application, what that means is that we were actually able to make even more power than our previous maps while making less boost and providing much more consistent torque delivery. Which reduces heat and stress on the engine and turbo even with the increased performance. Plus, the closer our software mirrors the factory logic, the more consistent the maps will perform in various conditions across the world. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL MAP NOTES)

Ford Focus RS Stage1 vs. Stock

Typical Power Gains:

*91 Oct = 95 RON | 93 Oct = 98 RON


Old Stage1 OTS v111 vs Updated Stage1 OTS v300

Great news for those already on stage1! Even if you are not ready to make the move to stage2 or beyond, our updated v300 Stage1 OTS maps are a free bump in power throughout the entire curve. Just update the firmware, reflash and enjoy!
Old vs New Stage1

Ford Focus RS Stage2 / Stage2+ vs. Stock  

Typical Power Gains:

*91 Oct = 95 RON | 93 Oct = 98 RON

New Map Features
RS Profile

In addition to the revised calibration strategies, we’ve also added some simple but very useful features that will apply to all OTS stage maps.

  1. More conservative engine safety limits.
    • ECT Throttle Closure at 230*F / 110*C
    • Oil Temp Throttle Closure at 270*F / 132*C
  2. Automatic Exhaust Valve Activation, Modes, and Threshold Modifiers (applicable to OEM and COBB Cat-Back Exhaust in all stages)
    • Normal: The Exhaust valve will remain closed at all times unless the Accel. Pedal Pos. exceeds 90%.
    • Sport/Track/Drift: In these modes, the exhaust valve will remain open at all times once ECT (engine coolant temp) reaches 120*F / 49*C
    • Cold Start: The exhaust valve will remain closed in all modes until ECT reaches 120*F / 49*C, after which, valve position will be dictated by the driving mode.
  3. EcoMode Upshift Indicator activated on USDM vehicles.  This is an OEM feature in the CHDM and EDM markets.




LEI ZHANG on June 3, 2018 says:

So cool! I’m wondering will COBB release a new MAP for ST model?

    Adam Hill
    Adam Hill on June 4, 2018 says:

    We’re not currently sure when the next ST update will be but we’re always poking around for new changes and improvements to make in the future.