Ford Accesstuner Updates


There is a new update for the Ford Platform including Accessport Firmware updates along with several enhancements to the Accesstuner Software.  These new features are available through an update within the Accesstuner software.  It should be noted that the updated version of Accesstuner is no longer compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista.  The Accesstuner software will no longer work if updated in these operating systems.  Users with these operating systems should avoid the update or install the software on a supported Windows system (Windows 7 or higher).

This update for the Ford Accesstuner Software contains added support for new Focus STs, Generation 2 COBB Custom Features (CCF Gen2) for the Focus RS and Mustang EcoBoost along with expanded realtime tables,  and several improvements within the software across all Ford vehicles.

Firmware Updates

New Vehicle Support

The following vehicles are now supported with the Accessport:

  • 2017 Focus ST CHDM
  • 2017 Focus ST EDM
  • 2018 Focus ST EDM

Also newly added are the following maps for each of the above vehicles:

  • Anti-Theft Mode v504.ptm
  • Stage0 v504.ptm
  • Stage1 87 OCT or 89 RON v504.ptm
  • Stage1 91 OCT or 95 RON v504.ptm
  • Stage1 93 OCT or 98 RON v504.ptm
  • Stage2 91 OCT or 95 RON v504.ptm
  • Stage2 93 OCT or 98 RON v504.ptm
  • Stage3 91 OCT or 95 RON v504.ptm
  • Stage3 93 OCT or 98 RON v504.ptm
  • Valet Mode v504.ptm
New Features

Ford has created a variety of different ROM versions throughout the same model year vehicle which can cause some confusion.  For clarity, a new Identify Vehicle Feature has been added.  This will allow users to identify their vehicle prior to installing.  This is especially helpful when users want to download certain maps from the website or have questions regarding their specific vehicle.  To use this feature, go to Troubleshooting > Identify Vehicle > and your vehicle is shown.

2018_04_03_10_19_51_Greenshot1 2018_04_03_10_19_51_Greenshot2 2018_04_03_10_19_51_Greenshot3

Accesstuner Updates

New Vehicle Support

The following vehicles are now supported with the Accesstuner software:

  • 2017 Focus ST CHDM
  • 2017 Focus ST EDM
  • 2018 Focus ST EDM

These are supported by the AP3-FOR-001 Accessport part number which now includes the full lineup of off the shelf maps for these vehicles.

CCF Gen 2

The second generation of Cobb Custom Features (CCF Gen2) is now available across the Ford Platform – now including the Focus RS and the Mustang EcoBoost.  The CCF Gen2 Speed Density feature is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution that brings simplified Speed Density tuning into the Ford engine control unit (ECU) and can be used to entirely replace the existing factory SD models. It is highly customizable and includes many new real-time tuning tables to aid in a speedy and efficient tuning process.  Open Accesstuner after the update for a full list of tables along with the descriptions for each.

Mustang EcoBoost

The recently added Transbrake and Bump Box features for the Mustang EcoBoost are now tune-able in Accesstuner!


Map Comparison and Import Comparison Differences

Comparison categories have been added  to help tuners compare and update definition files with drastic table differences.  These different categories include

  • Tables found in both active and comparison, but cannot be compared
  • Tables found in active but not in comparison
  • Toggles found in active but not in comparison
  • Toggles found  in comparison but not in active
  • DTCs found in active but not in comparison
  • DTCs found in comparison but not in active

Below is a screenshot showcasing the categories “Tables found in active but not in comparison” and “Tables found in comparison but not in active.”


Improved Workflow for CCF Gen1 to CCF Gen2 Updating

The workflow for updating a vehicle from CCF Gen1 to CCF Gen2 has been improved.  Now, the process is as simple as

  1. Load desired target CCF Gen2 vehicle, select “Compare” > “Compare to Accessport Map…” and select the CCF Gen1 map you wish to import data from.
  2. Check boxes for desired Map Properties to Import, you may choose to “Import all Map Properties” or select the specific tables from the list below to import.
  3. Other Import features to note. The ability to Import, Short Description, Long Description, Revision number, and Serial Number (If Applicable).
ecuselect1 compare2 open3


Load Map Summary for Major Strategy Changes

A prompt has been added to Accesstuner which is triggered when calibration changes differ from the base definition file.  The prompt reads “The loaded map has one or more tables that have been updated with new calibration defaults. WARNING: It is critical that you check each table to ensure there are no issues with your calibration. Followed by a summary of the tables affected.”  With this prompt comes a Map Update Summary which lists all tables with differences.  This is pictured below.


User Defineable Hot Keys

User definable hot keys are now available.  There is also the choice of different presets including

  • “Accesstuner 2004-2016” scheme is the default for existing Accesstuner Users.
  • “Accesstuner 2017” scheme is the default for new Accesstuner users.

See Edit → Configure Options → Keyboard for details.


Added new HPFP Table – “MFV Pull-in Current”

The table MFV Pull-in Current ahs been added.  This allows commanded pull-in current of the HPFP Mass Flow Valve.


Bug Fixes

Fixed Conversions For Stock Data In Intake/exhaust SD “VE Compensation (VCT Exhaust)” X-Axes.

Warning: Users need to exercise caution if they’ve used these tables in their CCF Gen2 Focus ST or Fiesta ST tunes.  See Tech Bulletin – Focus/Fiesta ST CCF Gen2 – VE Compensation (VCT) Tables

Fixed Bug Preventing “Launch Control (Hard Cut)” Rev Limit Value From Consistently Changing On Realtime Map Switch

  • Simply opening and re-saving any impacted calibration file will patch in the bug fix.
  • Vehicle Applications:
    • Focus ST CCF Gen2
    • Fiesta ST CCF Gen2


Thomas Eaton on April 6, 2018 says:

Good morning Cobb,

Am I missing something? How do I update my AP for my RS so it is current?
Thanks for your time and your great products-


    Kyle on April 6, 2018 says:

    Hi Tom,

    Here’s a link to step by step instructions on how to update your Accessport:


      Anthony Chester on April 6, 2018 says:

      Hello Kyle,

      I do not have access to a computer where I can perform the update. Any options?

        Kyle on April 6, 2018 says:

        Hi Anthony,

        You’ll need a computer running Windows 7 or higher to update.


David Watkins on August 3, 2018 says:

I was wondering about the transbrake. Is this locking first and reverse in at the same time, or something different to get this result.

    Kyle on August 7, 2018 says:

    Hi David,

    That is how it works!

Troy Standefer on October 4, 2018 says:

I just updated the firmware on my AP and went from the stage 1 v111 to v3 on my RS. The car seems much more pissed off now, I love it! A nifty shift indicator shows up on the dash now as well. Job well done Cobb.

    Adam Hill
    Adam Hill on October 8, 2018 says:

    Excellent, just what we like to hear!
    Enjoy the car and let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the future.