Highest Horsepower Stock ECU Subaru OF ALL TIME


The guys at Prime Motoring and IAG Performance continue to push the limits of Subaru performance. Yesterday, Jr’s personal car (of JR Tuned) layed down a staggering 1285whp and 950wtq at ~62PSI!  As far as we know, this is the highest horsepower Subaru utilizing the factory ECU.  The car makes 1000whp by 6100rpm and holds 1200whp all the way past 8500rpm with peak power hitting at 7200rpm.  60psi is made by 6000rpm, 30psi is made at 5400rpm. The car can be driven on the street just fine but be sure to pack extra undies if 5500RPM is exceeded at WOT.


Some of the main components are


This is definitely an insane build!  We’re looking forward to seeing more of this car as it continues to break records on the dyno and at the track.

Jorge Melendez on March 29, 2017 says:

What is the total price for the project?

    Marshall on March 30, 2017 says:

    I’m not comfortable even estimating an overall cost to build a car of this level. However, if you browse through some of the parts on the build list you should be able to get a good idea.