New CVT Temperature Monitor for Supported WRX and Forester XT Vehicles

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One of the more common requests we’ve seen/heard from CVT WRX and Forester XT Accessport users is to integrate a transmission temperature monitor into Accessport firmware.  With heat seeming to play a large role in the strength and reliability of these transmissions, keeping an eye on fluid temperature during higher load situations helps a driver to know when temperatures rise above normal.  A note, “normal” will vary by vehicle and can be dependent on whether or not aftermarket cooling systems have been installed as well as climate conditions/ambient temperature.  We typically see these temperatures increase during extended spirited driving sessions, during extreme off-road conditions, or when towing.  A new CVT Temp. monitor will now allow users to keep an eye on their fluid temperatures during these situations.

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Vehicles with CVT Temperature Monitor support:

  • 2015 USDM Subaru WRX CVT
  • 2016 USDM Subaru WRX CVT
  • 2017 USDM Subaru WRX CVT
  • 2018 USDM Subaru WRX CVT
  • 2019 USDM Subaru WRX CVT
  • 2014 USDM Subaru Forester XT
  • 2015 USDM Subaru Forester XT
  • 2016 USDM Subaru Forester XT
  • 2017 USDM Subaru Forester XT
  • 2018 USDM Subaru Forester XT

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AP3-SUB-004 Accessport users can perform a simple Firmware Update to add this monitor to their units.  Firmware version and newer will include this monitor.

Step-by-Step Firmware Update Instructions

Alex Tran on June 20, 2019 says:

Been waiting for this one for a long time! This is golden for the CVT crowd!

Kevin Gjika on June 28, 2019 says:

Thank you for supporting the CVT crowd! Hope to see stage 2 tunes soon! Fingers crossed!

Matt Parker on July 24, 2019 says:

Absolutely awesome! I’m going to update and start logging. I wish I had noticed this before I had my CVT fluid flushed…..Dang it