Subaru 4-Bar MAP Sensor, Focus RS Hard Pipe Kit, Focus ST Carbon Scoop


We are excited to announce three new products for Ford and Subaru owners!  Our Subaru 4-Bar MAP Sensor offers a robust plug-and-play solution for those looking to run boost levels higher than factory sensors can accurately measure.  An Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit is our first product specifically designed for the Focus RS.  Finally, a Carbon Fiber Air Scoop for the Focus ST helps to direct air straight into the factory airbox.  More information regarding each product can be found below.


Subaru 4-Bar MAP Sensor

The COBB Subaru 4-Bar MAP Sensor is a direct replacement of the factory piece and allows the ECU to accurately measure increased levels of boost pressure. The COBB 4-Bar MAP Sensor will allow accurate measuring at over 40 psi of boost pressure. This is vital for cars running boost levels that are higher than the factory sensor can accurately measure. Unlike some sensors, the COBB 4-Bar MAP sensor allows the ECU to retain it’s error reporting ability and will illuminate a DTC if an error is detected.


Ford Focus RS Hard Pipe Kit

Replacing the factory plastic tubing with 2.5″ mandrel bent piping, the COBB Focus RS Hard Pipe Kit removes restriction and improves airflow to the engine of your Focus RS. This kit consists of single piece pipes made from mandrel bent aluminum tubing on both the cold side and hot side of the intercooler. The results are weld-free pipes from the turbo outlet to intercooler inlet and from the intercooler outlet to the throttle body. COBB 4-ply silicone hose couplings and heavy duty T-Bolt hose clamps finish off this kit and ensure the pipes stay put.


Ford Focus ST Carbon Fiber Air Scoop

Increase airflow to the intake of your Focus ST with the COBB Carbon Fiber Air Scoop!  This piece channels air from the large grille opening directly into the factory snorkel feeding the stock airbox.

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