Subaru 2015-2020 WRX CVT CCFv2 OTS Maps


Earlier this year, with the release of Accessport tuning support for the 2020 Subaru WRX CVT, we launched our first subset of Off The Shelf (OTS) Maps for the CVT WRX using our 2nd Generation COBB Custom Features (CCFv2) ECU type.  Historically, COBB’s OTS maps have been based upon the standard ROM and did not take advantage of COBB custom features or updates from Subaru that were integrated into the CCFv2 ROMs.

We’re excited to officially release 2015-2020 Subaru WRX CVT OTS Maps using a CCFv2 ECU definition file.  The following v360 files have all been updated to take advantage of CCFv2 features such as MAF Simple, IAT alternate source, and Closed Loop Fueling and Learning which provide a much more consistent and reliable calibration.  This ECU type also includes the latest Subaru ECU logic/calibration for the DIT WRX, including battery life improvements for 2015-2017 WRX.  Since their initial release at v350, 2020 WRX CVT maps receive minor updates to boost control, boost limit, ignition timing air temp correction, and fueling.  Other changes of note are the addition of High (HWG) and Low (LWG) Wastegate files.  These can be used on cars that either fall short or overshoot target boost, respectively.

  • Stage0 v360.ptm

  • Stage1 91 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage1 91 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage1 91 v360.ptm

  • Stage1 93 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage1 93 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage1 93 v360.ptm

  • Stage1 Economy Mode v360.ptm

  • Stage1 Valet Mode v360.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 91 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 91 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 91 v360.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 93 v360 HWG.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 93 v360 LWG.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF 93 v360.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF Economy Mode v360.ptm

  • Stage1+BigSF Valet Mode v360.ptm

  • Vehicle Anti-Theft Mode v360.ptm

To access these map files, simply update Accessport Firmware using Accessport Manager (to firmware version or newer) or download them from

Once firmware has been updated, select Tune on the Accessport and then choose Restore OTS Maps as shown below.  Once that step has been taken, proceed to Tune, Change Map, and Reflash.  You should be provided with the option to flash a v360 map at that time.

How To Restore OTS Maps

Power Gains

The dyno chart below is applicable to all 2015-2020 WRX CVTs using v360 Off The Shelf Maps.  Cars utilizing 93 octane fuel can expect to see peak power gains of +7% HP and +13% TQ and maximum gains of +19% HP and +19% TQ.  Peak gains are measured as the difference between the highest points of the two plots.  Maximum gains are measured as the largest gain at any single point between the two plots.  The addition of the Big SF Intake will net marginal gains, approximately 2-3% additional HP and TQ.  Power output on cars using the 91 octane variant with quality 91 octane fuel will be approximately 5% lower.

*For a complete explanation of each Off The Shelf Map for the 2015-2020 WRX CVT, visit our Map Notes Page.


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Jeff Jones on June 29, 2020 says:

“Power output on cars using the 91 octane variant will be approximately 5% lower”. This means instead of a 7% peak HP gain expect 2% , or, instead of a 7% peak HP gain expect about 6.6% (5% lower gain).

    Marshall on July 2, 2020 says:

    It’s actually likely to vary based on quality of the 91 octane fuel used. Those in Arizona, California, and Nevada are likely to see closer to that 2% gain while those in other areas of the country with 91 octane will likely see something between the two.


John Chrzastek on August 1, 2020 says:

Will these new maps eventually come out for the 2014-2018 FXT CVT?

    Marshall on August 17, 2020 says:

    We do not currently have plans to offer CCFv2 ECU features for the Forester XT.