TX2k17 Wrap Up


Every March, some of the fastest street cars in the Nation descend upon Baytown, Texas for TX2k.  The two main features of TX2k are Roll Racing and 1/4 Mile Drag Racing, both taking place on the drag strip at Royal Purple Raceway.  What started out as Supra Nationals in 1999 has grown into a 4-day enthusiast gathering with gross amounts of horsepower on display.  At TX2k, you are likely to see anything from a Honda Civic to Twin Turbo Lamborghinis competing against each other in search of a TX2k crown.

Roll Racing:

On Thursday and Friday, Roll Racing rules the track.  Cars essentially have 400ft to pace each other in preparation for the start followed by 1500ft of VHT prepped drag strip.  After two qualifying sessions on Thursday, the cars were split into three classes based upon their best qualifying MPH : Unlimited, Super Sport, and Sport.  All cars entered are, in theory, street driven cars.  No lexan, no fiberglass, no tubs, no skinnies.

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1/4 Mile Drag Racing

The highlight of the weekend for most attendees is the drag racing on Saturday/Sunday.  There are numerous classes for anything from your average bolt-on street car all of of the way through purpose built drag cars.  This year was one for the record books!

17240438_10155197269392112_2559374992326312248_o 17359189_10155197268822112_426140794746472228_o 17309981_10155197264632112_6444978716931849967_o
17390614_10155197267607112_5851584260425641436_o 17358670_10155199290482112_2422292529285401846_o 17358688_10155199293317112_6871647686645448102_o
17191695_10155197266317112_8793786961890735507_o 17474465_10155123208171804_509327066_o 17453399_10155123128756804_429162781_o

A special congratulations is in order for the Fastech Motorsports, who took home 1st Place in GT-R Class 2 in their Accessport tuned GT-R!


The Pit Area

In the pit/parking area of Royal Purple Raceway you can generally find some fine vehicular eye candy.  Even though the event has progressed to somewhat of “GT-R Nationals”, examples of the event’s heritage can still be found.


17358858_10155190486822112_4720556933146653114_o 17349661_10155191760052112_6849005125941232731_o

Miscellaneous COBB Dealer/Protuner Success

Among the records and tight competition, a few COBB tuned vehicles were able to achieve feats of their own!

Boostin’ Performance

This Boostin’ built 2017 GT-R with Alpha16X package was seriously impressive!  The owner managed 8.7 and 8.4 second 1/4 mile passes on it’s first two passes down the track.


This matte grey Alpha12 build achieved a personal best 8.6 second 1/4 Mile pass and  ran 186 MPH in the Roll Race event!


Meanwhile, Boostin’s shop GT-R reset the Alpha16 1/4 Mile MPH Record at 187mph.  They were also helping to test a beta “Bump Box” feature for the GT-R platform.  This feature will allow users to sit on Launch Control/BOTL while staging at the track.


Boost Logic

Farooq’s Boost Logic built GT-R was the first in the world to run a 7-second 1/4 mile pass using the COBB 12-injector feature!  When fully released, this feature will allow big power cars to retain smaller injectors for use during normal street driving along with a second set of larger injectors that are used under higher loads.

17453259_10208764072169128_1760036337_o 17353667_10155090868734054_716274120109868841_n



Subarus Race Too!!

AWDTuning had their Legacy GT Spec B entered into the 10.5 Index class.


CJ was also out in the infamous V8 Bait STI, rowing through gears the old fashioned way in the Stick Shift class!

17390843_1644691075546143_507677727189485220_o 17388907_10155197266877112_332750202560174813_o

Perhaps most impressive was Trevor’s Hyper Blue STI.  Trevor drove a car that recently made 933whp/713wtq from Florida to Texas for TX2k and participated in both Roll Racing, where he trapped 166mph, and 1/4 Mile Drag racing.  Unfortunately, after breaking an axle drag racing, Trevor decided to head home early.  Yes, that’s a trailer hitch.  Yes, he towed a trailer from FL to TX. Yes, he made it back.


Photo Credit:

Ryan Bartek / 1320 Video

Street RACE Magazine

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