CAN Flex Fuel for 2015-2021 Subaru WRX

COBB Flex Fuel is BACK for the 2015-2021 Subaru WRX!!

It is no secret that taking advantage of higher ethanol content found at the E85 pump allows tuners to make even more power with the same mechanical configuration.   Today we are SUPER excited to announce our all new CAN Flex Fuel Packages for USDM 2015-2021 Subaru WRX 6MT cars.   For those not familiar with CAN (Controller Area Network) in modern cars, head over to this blog post which explains a bit of it at a high level. This release is a meaty one with some all new hardware, new Stage Power Packages, and supporting COBB Off The Shelf Maps.

COBB NexGen Stage 2 + Flex Fuel Stage Power Packages and Off The Shelf Maps have undergone and passed third party emissions / reasonable basis testing and are currently available in 49 states as we continue to seek CARB EO coverage.

The COBB CAN Gateway

The star of the show is our all new CAN Gateway for Subaru.  This little guy is the key to maintaining compliance while also injecting high quality, reliable data for the ECU to utilize in Accessport delivered calibrations – both COBB created OTS Maps and custom tunes created by a COBB Protuner.  The design of the gateway allows it to receive multiple sensor signals and then turn that data into packets to be distributed into specific CAN channels.  For this application, we are utilizing two inputs – Ethanol Content and Fuel Pressure.  Moving forward, we do have the ability to implement additional inputs utilizing the same gateway hardware.


CAN Gateway Flex Fuel Products

The overall product offering for CAN Gateway Flex Fuel is pretty substantial, there are components and kits available for both new customers wanting to add Flex Fuel to their WRX for the first time as well as “Upgrade Kits” available for customers who may have our old analog flex fuel solution installed and want to covert to the CAN based system.

Flex Fuel & Fuel Pressure Upgrade Kits

For those of you who already have our NexGen Stage 2 Power Package, all you need is one of the below kits to add flex fuel capabilities to your WRX.  These kits include the CAN Gateway with vehicle-specific harness, CAN Ethanol Sensor Kit, and CAN Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit. Adding this kit to your NexGen Stage 2 WRX will allow you to utilize our COBB Off The Shelf maps.  The ONLY difference between these two kits is the vehicle harness as they are different for 2015-2017 and 2018-2021 WRXs.  Please make sure you choose the right package for your car!

CAN Flex Fuel Upgrade + Fuel Pressure Kit – 2015-2017 WRX

CAN Flex Fuel Upgrade + Fuel Pressure Kit – 2018-2021 WRX

Customers w/ Previous COBB Analog Flex Fuel

We recognize that there are a large number of you out there who are still utilizing our original Flex Fuel kits on your 2015-2021 WRX.  We have created specific upgrade kits for you that allow you to re-use as much of your old setups as possible and save a bit of money in the process.  These kits include only what is necessary to convert from an original flex fuel kit over to CAN Flex Fuel.  Packages are available both with and without CAN Fuel Pressure Sensor Kits.

Previous Ethanol Sensor Kit to Subaru CAN Flex Fuel Upgrade WRX 2015-2017

Subaru Previous Ethanol Sensor Kit to Subaru CAN Flex Fuel Upgrade + CAN Fuel Pressure Upgrade Kit WRX 2015-2017

Previous Ethanol Sensor Kit to Subaru CAN Flex Fuel Upgrade WRX 2018-2021

Subaru Previous Ethanol Sensor Kit to Subaru CAN Flex Fuel Upgrade + CAN Fuel Pressure Upgrade Kit WRX 2018-2021

CAN Flex Fuel Power Packages

Introducing NexGen Stage 2 + CAN Flex Fuel Power Packages!  These power packages are based upon our 50-state legal NexGen Stage 2 Power Packages and simply add our CAN Gateway Flex Fuel + Fuel Pressure kits into the mix.  There are obviously quite a few packages to choose from.  They vary in vehicle application range, intake (SF or Redline), and intercooler color (Black or Silver).  In order to utilize the supporting COBB NexGen Stage2+FlexFuel Off The Shelf maps, your car MUST utilize one of these power packages exactly as they are represented on the product page.

2015-2017 WRX Packages


The easiest way to see packages available for your WRX is to click on the appropriate Vehicle Page below:

CAN Flex Fuel Off The Shelf Maps & Power Gains

These map files are only available to be downloaded from the Maps section of the COBB website.  Download Flex Fuel Off The Shelf Maps HERE.

**Note: In order to utilize ANY of the below maps, you must first Update Accessport Firmware**

  • NexGen Stage2+FlexFuel 91 HWG v410.ptm

  • NexGen Stage2+FlexFuel 91 LWG v410.ptm

  • NexGen Stage2+FlexFuel 91 v410.ptm

  • NexGen Stage2+FlexFuel 93 HWG v410.ptm

  • NexGen Stage2+FlexFuel 93 LWG v410.ptm

  • NexGen Stage2+FlexFuel 93 v410.ptm

  • NexGen Stage2+FlexFuel Economy Mode v410.ptm

  • NexGen Stage2+FlexFuel Valet Mode v410.ptm

Power gains below represent the power output of a car when utilizing the COBB NexGen Stage2 Flex Fuel Power Package outlined above. Using 93 octane with up to E10, our development car made a peak of 263 whp and 302 wtq., exactly what you’d expect to make on a normal NexGen Stage 2 Power Package and OTS Map. Then, without changing a single part on the car and using the exact same tune, we bumped the ethanol percentage in the tank up to E85 where the car made a peak of 311whp and 338wtq.  

For more information about our OTS Maps including fuel and parts requirements, head to our Map Notes Page.

Custom Tuning Support

Subaru Accesstuner Pro HL has also been updated to support CAN Flex Fuel hardware for 2015-2021 WRXs.  COBB Protuners can create custom calibrations for emissions compliant vehicles that are utilizing any configuration of our CAN Gateway Flex Fuel Kits/Packages.

**Note: In order to utilize ANY custom tune maps, you must first Update Accessport Firmware**

Find your preferred COBB Protuner HERE.

13 responses to “CAN Flex Fuel for 2015-2021 Subaru WRX”

  1. already placed my order! super excited to not have to remap the car when i want to run some corn juice.

    • Awesome! Thanks so much for your support, let us know how everything goes with install and tune.


  2. Will a non-pro version of Accesstuner be made available again now that this has been released? I want to learn how and be able to tune my own car (not necessarily with flex fuel).

  3. do i have to have stage 2? in order to run this or could i just buy the kit and upgrade my LFPF and run a OTS

    • If you want to use our supporting OTS Maps, you need the full NexGen Stage 2 Power Package. We do intend to offer Stage 1 and Stage 1+ Intake Flex Fuel maps in the future, no ETA at the moment though.


    • It is!! You would currently have to have the car custom tuned by a Protuner as we do not yet offer Stage1/Stage1+ Flex Fuel Maps. Hoping to add those soon, though!


  4. Marshall, for the update. That’s awesome news! Also, if I have an e30 tune in my setup, can I add the can gateway flex fuel and pressure sensor to simply read my ethanol content and fuel pressure?

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