Accessport Firmware Update for 2015-2021 WRX and STI

We recently discovered a bug in Accessport firmware that was impacting new installations for vehicles supported by our SUB-004 Accessports.  Always a bummer when a bug like that escapes into the wild and luckily we were able to jump on fixing it immediately.  In the interim, we assisted customers by providing a back-dated firmware version hosted to BETA.

Today we have pushed that fix to RELEASE firmware update location for SUB-004 Accessports.

  • Firmware versions and later include fixes for the “Fatal Error on Install” bug.

But wait, there’s more!

In rolling out this fix, SUB-004 Accessports are picking up two new features – Engine On Detection and Datalog Compression, and On-Accessport File Management!

Update Accessport Manager

We have rolled out an update to Accessport Manager that is REQUIRED in order to utilize some of the Accessport firmware updates outline below.

Accessport Manager Functionality Update

FIRST – To prepare for all the new goodies and take advantage of them as they roll out, download and install the latest installer for your specific operating system:

Windows 8.1, 10, & 11: Download Here
Mac OS X 10.15 & Later: Download Here

Engine On/Off Detection

The Auto On/Off function, or as we call it “Engine Off Detection”, allows the Accessport to determine if the vehicle is running and automatically turn off the device. This is accomplished by reading RPM as well as vehicle voltage. In this modern era of vehicle’s that automatically shut off at stoplights until it’s time to move forward again, just having a singular method RPM would prove to be troublesome.

More on updates to Accessport Auto On/Off functionality can be found here :

Datalog Compression

As vehicles and ECUs get newer and more complex, they tend to have more parameters to monitor at a refreshing rate higher than their predecessors which causes the file size of datalogs to swell exponentially. With all things in life, there is obviously a limit when it comes to file storage so to help alleviate and soften that limit, we’ve implemented a new datalog compression feature.

On-Accessport File Management

n order to also assist users, we will also be adding the ability to manage and delete datalogs right from the Accessport itself, no computer required! This update will come as a per platform, per part number updates are pushed out in the coming weeks and months. To use this, simply go into the Troubleshooting menu followed by selecting “File Management” then “Manage Datalogs”. From here you can go through and select which datalogs you want to delete and once you’ve selected all the logs you want to get rid of, press the left/exit button on the Accessport along with a success confirmation message.

Update your Accessport Firmware

Not familiar with the process to update Accessport firmware? No worries, we have a step by step guide here -> How To Update Your Accessport’s Firmware

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