Nissan GT-R April Updates

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New Vehicle Support

April marks a quick update for the Nissan GT-R platform.  New vehicle support has now been added!  Support has now been added for the

Compatible Accessports include the AP3-NIS-007 and AP3-NIS-008 part numbers.  As with previous model years these Accessports support, the difference is that the 008 part number has the ability to re-flash the Transmission Control Module (TCM).

Each of these newly supported Nismo vehicles include Accessport (Stage0 maps only) and Accesstuner support.  The 2016 SADM non-Nismo GT-R includes the full suite of Off The Shelf Maps and is supported with the Accesstuner Software.   Custom tuning through a Protuner near you is also now available.

Bug Fixes

A live tracing issue has been addressed in Accesstuner Software.  This feature will now function as intended.

Looking Ahead

The next release marks some major milestones for the GT-R platform.  This should be available to all (including Accesstuner) users in the near future.


Don Smith on April 26, 2017 says:

is the bank balance feature part of the April updates for the GTR?

    Kyle on April 27, 2017 says:


    That feature will be a part of the next release in a couple of weeks.