Subaru Updates : Accessport Fast Flashing and COBB 20g Turbo!!

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The Subaru group has been quite busy as of recent, we’re excited to announce the release of some awesome Accessport updates as well as our new COBB 20g turbocharger for the 2008-2015 STI.

Accessport Updates (AP3-SUB-004:

SUB-004 Accessports received an update that significantly improves flash times on Subaru DIT ECUs.  These improvements reduce Install and Uninstall times by over 60 seconds, now coming in right at 2 minutes.  Protuners, rejoice!  Change map times have been improved by 93%, now taking less than 20 seconds!

With R&D completed on 2015 WRX 6MT cars with a full turbo-back exhaust, we’ve renamed the “Stage1+TBE” maps to a more conventional “Stage2” naming strategy.

  • Stage2 91 v115.ptm
  • Stage2 93 v115.ptm
  • Stage2 Economy Mode v115.ptm
  • Stage2 Valet Mode v115.ptm

For vehicles experiencing underboost conditions, the following High Wastegate maps can be found online at

  • Stage2 91 v115 HWG.ptm
  • Stage2 93 v115 HWG.ptm


New Subaru Hard Parts

COBB TD05H-20g Turbocharger


The COBB 20G is an ideal turbo upgrade for those looking to increase the top-end power of their STI while maintaining low and mid-range response. Capable of producing 400hp and retaining excellent throttle response, the COBB 20G is a perfect turbocharger for street or track use!

For more information and ordering, visit the product page!


2015 Subaru STI Stage1+ Power Package

Stage1+ 2015 STI



Combine the worlds best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution with the COBB SF Intake/Airbox combo to give your 2015 STI more power and greatly improve driveability!

For more information and ordering, visit the product page!

Subaru SF Airbox Edge Trim and Trimlock

SF-Heatshield-Edgetrim_main SF-Heatshield-Trimlock_main

If the Edge Trim or Trimlock from your Subaru SF Airbox has been damaged or gone missing, we now have replacements available to get your SF Airbox looking new again!

2015 STI SF Airboxes use Edge Trim while all other Subaru SF Airboxes use Trimlock.


Austin on March 26, 2015 says:

What about the 08-10 WRX models, will there be a map made for them for this turbo set up!?

    Marshall on March 30, 2015 says:

    No current plans for the WRX OTS maps, we’ll need to finish up supporting modifications for lesser Staged Packages before that happens. I imagine we’ll see a FMIC + Turbo option to make this a bolt-on solution for the WRX.


ANDREW STUB on April 23, 2015 says:

So how is it going developing a map or package so us 15 sti owners can add turbo back exhaust with our stage 1+ setups?

    Marshall on April 23, 2015 says:

    Keep an eye out for our soon to be release Stage 3 Power Package for the 2015 STI! Should be available for purchase by the end of this month!


FRITZ THEODORE on November 29, 2015 says:

Hey guys ,I have a 2016 STI. The car is already at stage 3(725cc injectors). I want to get rid of the boost solenoid dtc I get in 6 spd at a 3600 rpm about 115 mph… I guess it’s a over boost dtc. What do I have to do? My intent was to upgrade moderately but this I can’t have..

    Marshall on November 29, 2015 says:

    Hey Fritz, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with that code! Have you tried one of our Low Wastegate maps? You can download a LWG map from the Maps section of our website and transfer it to your Accessport using Accessport Manager.