VB WRX Updates – Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting, and MORE!

To date, 2022-2024 WRX owners have been able to utilize the Accessport to seamlessly add power to their car using our Stage Power Packages, Off The Shelf Maps, and custom tuning via a COBB Protuner using Accesstuner Pro. Today we are super excited to announce our FIRST iteration of COBB Custom Features for the VB WRX.  The core of this release consists of Launch Control & Flat Foot Shifting features for those of you with 6MT cars.  We’ve also re-introduced Engine On/Off Detection for ALL VB WRXs and are releasing two exciting NEW features for Accessport firmware – On-Accessport Data Management and Data Log Compression.  There have also been improvements to the flashing strategy for 2022 MY WRXs to improve the Accessport’s ability to recover those ECUs should they fail to flash.

COBB Custom Features

Let’s cover the good stuff first.  Our first iteration of COBB Custom Features for the 2022+ WRX consists of Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting for Manual Transmission cars.  In order to utilize these features, you simply need up-to-date Accessport firmware and a map file saved in the newest version of Accesstuner Pro.  For those using COBB Off The Shelf Maps, that simply means any map with version number 300 or higher.  If you have had the car custom tuned by a COBB Protuner, you will need to contact your tuner to have that custom tune updated.

Supported Vehicles


Launch Control

Launch Control allows drivers to set a secondary RPM limit that is active while the vehicle is stationary (and up to ~3mph) while the clutch is depressed.  This is especially useful at the drag strip or starting line of the Auto X course where maximizing acceleration performance off the line is crucial.

Flat Foot Shifting

Flat Foot Shifting gives you the ability to set a secondary RPM limit that is active while the car is moving and the clutch is depressed.  Utilizing this during high performance driving enables the car to maintain boost between gears while shifting.

But wait, there’s more!

In rolling out this fix, all SUB-006 and AU-SUB-006 Accessports are picking up some new features – Engine On Detection, Datalog Compression and On-Accessport File Management!  We have also made a change to the flashing strategy for 2022 MY WRXs which improves the Accessport’s ability to recover the ECU in the case of a failed flash or map change.

Improved Failed Flash Recovery – 2022 WRX ONLY

Failed flashes happen.  In most cases, the Accessport’s ‘Recovery Mode’ is able to quickly recover an ECU should a flash/map change fail to complete.  In some cases on 2022 WRXs, a flash could fail at a specific point (typically right around 1%) that would put the ECU into a state where it could NOT be recovered in the field by the Accessport’s Recovery Mode.  For those cases, we have implemented a change to Subaru’s flash protocol that greatly improves the Accessport’s ability to recover an ECU should it fail in the same way.  Note, this will NOT reduce the chances of a failed flash but it WILL significantly improve the chances of you recovering the ECU without having to ship it to us.

**2022 WRX owners should update to new v300 OTS files immediately as old files will be marked as recalled and are no longer able to be flashed with updated Accessport firmware. **

Update Accessport Manager

We have rolled out an update to Accessport Manager that is REQUIRED in order to utilize some of the Accessport firmware updates outline below.

Accessport Manager Functionality Update

FIRST – To prepare for all the new goodies and take advantage of them as they roll out, download and install the latest Accessport Manager installer for your specific operating system:

Windows 8.1, 10, & 11: Download Here
Mac OS X 10.15 & Later: Download Here

Engine On/Off Detection

The Auto On/Off function, or as we call it “Engine Off Detection”, allows the Accessport to determine if the vehicle is running and automatically turn off the device. This is accomplished by reading RPM as well as vehicle voltage. In this modern era of vehicle’s that automatically shut off at stoplights until it’s time to move forward again, just having a singular method RPM would prove to be troublesome.

More on updates to Accessport Auto On/Off functionality can be found here :

Datalog Compression

As vehicles and ECUs get newer and more complex, they tend to have more parameters to monitor at a refreshing rate higher than their predecessors which causes the file size of datalogs to swell exponentially. With all things in life, there is obviously a limit when it comes to file storage so to help alleviate and soften that limit, we’ve implemented a new datalog compression feature.

More information on Datalog Compression can be found here :

On-Accessport File Management

n order to also assist users, we will also be adding the ability to manage and delete datalogs right from the Accessport itself, no computer required! This update will come as a per platform, per part number updates are pushed out in the coming weeks and months. To use this, simply go into the Troubleshooting menu followed by selecting “File Management” then “Manage Datalogs”. From here you can go through and select which datalogs you want to delete and once you’ve selected all the logs you want to get rid of, press the left/exit button on the Accessport along with a success confirmation message.

More information on On-Accessport File Management can be found here :

Update your Accessport Firmware

Not familiar with the process to update Accessport firmware? No worries, we have a step by step guide here -> How To Update Your Accessport’s Firmware

9 responses to “VB WRX Updates – Launch Control, Flat Foot Shifting, and MORE!”

    • Where are you seeing that? Updated maps are available for all 2022-2024 WRXs both in Accessport firmware and on our website.


  1. Once I download the update for accessport manager and install it, do I also need to re-download my car’s maps from the Cobb website to the accessport as well before reflashing to car?

    • Hey Matthew! Those maps will automatically be loaded onto the Accessport via the firmware update. After that, all you need to do is just go to the car and flash one of those latest maps and you should see all those features and adjustments available!

  2. I have updated to the latest firmware, but still do not have access to launch control, etc. what am I missing?

    • Hey Michael! Once you update the firmware, you’ll need to flash one of the latest OTS maps as they have the COBB Custom Features code and settings for those items. Alternatively, if you’re running a custom tune from an authorized protuner, you’ll need to have them resave/rebuild your map using the latest OTS map as the base file. Once flashed, you should see those features and the ability to adjust them!

    • Hey Karim!

      You can, however you’ll just need your tuner to re-save/rebuild your map in the latest version of their software and send it over to get that custom code in there! Then just flash and you’ll be good to go!

  3. Can you still use a tuner maps v300 with the latest update? And still have to flash Just won’t have The Launch Control and Flat Foot Shifting?

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