2015-2021 Subaru WRX 6MT NexGen Power Packages and Maps

With this release we are extremely excited to announce the first of our revised “NexGen” Power Packages and accompanying Off The Shelf Maps for the Subaru platform, NexGen Stage 2 Power Packages for the USDM 2015-2021 Subaru WRX 6MT. Looking for NexGen Power Packages for your 2015-2021 WRX CVT?  Head over to our release announcement HERE.  In our never ending strive to provide additional Subaru WRX mods for owners of these vehicles, the Subaru Experts here at COBB took to our dyno to define our emissions compliant, NexGen Stage 2 Power Package utilizing products from our catalog that have an existing CARB Executive Order (EO) or have a known path towards obtaining one. What came as a result of extensive testing on the dyno, street, and even several trips to our local track are NexGen Power Packages which provide impressive power gains over the existing Stage 1 level.

These NexGen Power Packages and OTS Maps are 50 State Legal, Emissions Compliant and have an Executive Order from CARB.  Stage 2 NexGen OTS Maps are available to download off our website and on current Firmware on the Accessport (AP3-SUB-004).

As we have previously mentioned, there is NO emissions compliant aftermarket / upgraded J-Pipe for the FA20DIT WRX. While this misinformation is abundant, we’re working on a compliant solution and Executive Order path for J-Pipes on these vehicles. Until then, the J-Pipe is no longer a feasible component of our recommended upgrade path or power packages.

Power Gains

The question you’re likely all curious about is how much power this combination is capable of while retaining the factory j-pipe and cat configuration. We’re happy to say that this package and OTS combination does provide meaningful power gains over existing Stage 1 and Stage 1+Intake. Most importantly, this power increase is both reliable and repeatable with the increased cooling efficiency of the COBB Top Mount Intercooler. Boost control is also more precise and consistent with the addition of the COBB 3-Port EBCS.

For additional information on the calibrations that support these packages, visit our Map Notes Page.

NexGen Stage 2 Power Packages

These packages are offered in four different flavors but contain the same core components and are capable of achieving the same power levels. Each kit includes an Accessport (SUB-004), Intake (either Big SF or Redline), Top Mount Intercooler (Black or Silver), Charge Pipe, and Electronic Boost Control Solenoid.

SUB004NG2W-BK_main SUB004NG2W-SL_main SUB004NG2W-BK-RED_main SUB004NG2W-SL-RED_main

Stay Tuned for more NexGen Power Packages for Subaru. We are motivated to continue offering exciting and compliant upgrade paths for all of our customers.

But Wait, There’s More!

Interested in more than just go-fast parts for your 2015-2021 WRX? We have you covered! Click on any of the products below for more information. Wondering which Subaru models we support? Check out our entire selection of Subaru aftermarket parts.

815070_main 515140_main
SUB0DT0110_main-2 842650_main 843615_extra_01
COBBWT444391-444392_main 862001_main
8W4650S_extra_01 8W4625_extra_01-2 8W4600S_extra_01

22 responses to “2015-2021 Subaru WRX 6MT NexGen Power Packages and Maps”

  1. Is there any timeframe when the 2018+ STI NexGen power packages will be made available? Beyond the typical “soon” answer? I’m beginning to get antsy to make more legal power with my 2020.

    • Hi John,

      The NexGen map is only Stage 2. There is a comparison to it vs the Stage 1+Redline on this page.


    • Hi Matt,

      As soon as they are available! It is currently our top priority. However, we don’t have any firm ETAs as of now.


  2. A general question about j-pipes-what is the main restriction on the factory j-pipe? Is it the piping diameter, or the catalytic converter? If piping diameter is the culprit, the path forward to me seems to be retaining the factory cats, and welding on piping of larger diameter. Of course, convincing regulators that emissions aren’t effected will be challenging. Good luck!

  3. Can you compare to the previous power packages? I would like to know how NextGen stacks up while staying pleasantly compliant.

    • Hey there! You will need to perform a “Restore OTS Maps” function once the Accessport firmware is updated. This will move the new files into the user partition where they are then visible in both Accessport Manager and on the Accessport screen. To Restore OTS maps, simply go to the Tune menu and then select “Restore OTS Maps”.

      Restore OTS Maps


    • We are seeing that error as well, working on getting it fixed up for you! They are loaded into Accessport firmware now too so you can grab it from there. Worst case, shoot our Customer Service team an email ([email protected]) and we’ll get you set up with a file.


  4. Hello. I don’t see any graphs for 2015+ wrx USDM 6mt stage1+ bigSF. I was wondering what those numbers are vs stock; and stage1+ bigSF vs nexgen stage2 bigSF?

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