2018 Focus RS and Focus ST Support Now Available

Keith Treder Ford-3

Support is now available for the 2018 model year Focus ST and Focus RS!  These vehicles now have compatibility with the Accessport, the full line-up of off the shelf maps, and several hard parts.

2018 Focus ST

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Several options are available when it comes to modifying your 2018 Focus ST or Focus RS. With the Accessport as your only modification, you can gain a few horsepower and 65 lb ft of torque to the wheels over stock on the Focus ST and 15 horsepower and 25 lb ft of torque to the wheels over stock on the Focus RS . For additional gains, Staged Packages and corresponding off the shelf maps (which come pre-loaded on the Accessport) are available. Check out the map notes for more details on modifications requirements and power gains for each map.  Still not enough power?  COBB has you covered with a massive network of Protuners that can create more aggressive calibrations for ANY modifications or different fuel types.  Contact a Protuner near you directly for more details on custom tuning your 2018 Focus!

2018 Focus RS

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Brandon Peet on October 6, 2018 says:

I noticed considerably higher gains it seems when running the ots stage1 on a focus st is that correct? What’s the difference if any between the 2017 and 2018? Just curious and want to learn. Thank you.

    Kyle on October 9, 2018 says:

    Hi Brandon,

    I’m not sure what you’re comparing the Stage 1 map with. The map notes and dyno charts are of the cars with the actual OTS maps flashed to them and then measured so the numbers shown will be correct. The 17 and 18 model years are identical mechanically. There are small differences with the ECU logic.